It's Time To Fix Our Streets.

After years of discussions, community forums, and organizing, it comes down to this.

Next week, Portland will vote to invest in the streets that tie our community together by addressing the thirty years of backlogged maintenance on our streets. It's fiscally irresponsible to continue to defer on these necessary street improvements that’ll only get more expensive the longer we wait.

Maybe you’re a Portlander who is "Feeling the Bern" or "Standing With Her.” You may be supporting any of the 15 candidates running for Mayor. You might identify as a small business owner, environmentalist, Republican, Democrat, Socialist, senior citizen, millenial, parent, teacher, social justice, or all/none of the above. Whoever you are, there’s one thing that all Portlanders agree on.

It's time to Fix Our Streets. Vote Yes on Measure 26-173.

A first-of-its-kind coalition of Portlanders and our local news publications support the Fix Our Streets Portland campaign and urge a YES vote on Measure 26-173 for safer, better-maintained streets. There'll be more potholes paved, more sidewalks built, and easier access for Portland's students to safely walk and bike to school. Every dollar raised by the temporary gas tax will be reviewed by an independent citizen oversight committee. 

Unfortunately, big oil interests have spent tens of thousands of dollars spreading misinformation about the campaign. They’ve proven they’re willing to say anything to deter Portlanders from voting on the proposal our civic leaders agree is an urgent priority for our livability, our safety, our fiscal health.

Meanwhile, our pals at Disability Rights Oregon, AARP, Portland Association of Teachers, and City Club of Portland have written moving statements highlighting why it's important for this gas tax to pass. 

There's three things you can do to help ensure that next week, we vote to Fix Our Streets:

  1. SHARE our image on Facebook, and tell your friends why you plan on voting YES on Measure 26-173 . Every voice in support will help ensure Portlanders know why we can't afford to wait.  

  2. JOIN US  at Sunday Parkways this weekend. We'll be at SE Reedway and SE 88th from 11-4, and we need more volunteers!

  3. VOTE. Make a plan right now to turn in your ballot, if you haven't done so already. Ballots must be in the mail by Friday or dropped off at one of Multnomah County's ballot dropboxes by 8:00 on Tuesday, May 17th. 

Continued thanks for your ongoing support. Let's go win this thing.