Support Gas Tax for Strong Neighborhood Schools

Portland educators, parents, and students encourage a YES vote on Measure 26-173 to fund Safe Routes to Portland Schools

Greetings from the Campaign Trail!

While working on the Fix Our Streets Portland campaign, I've been fortunate to meet a wide swath of Portlanders who are excited to cast ballots in support of this necessary investment in our streets. Today, we hear from Portland's students and education advocates about why they support the temporary gas tax:


“I can’t safely catch a bus into town after school or walk to my local coffee shop without being worried about speeding cars and narrow shoulders on busy streets. I’m not old enough to vote, but I’m volunteering with the campaign because I believe that students are healthier, safer, and happier when they have the opportunity to walk and bike to school. I hope my classmates and future students at Wilson can enjoy the sidewalks on SW Capitol Highway that would be funded by the temporary gas tax."

- Marley Kinser, Junior, Wilson High School

"I've been on the School Board for over twenty years, and I've asked the city to find the funding to make their walk to school safer while our students patiently waited.  We can't afford to wait any longer, and I'm pleased that an equitable amount of the gas tax raised will go to sidewalks and bike connections, as well as, street safety improvements to East Portland schools that need them the most."

- David Douglas School Board Member Frieda Christopher

“With many PPS families worried about the transportation impacts from the district’s boundary changes and East Portland families asking for more sidewalks and crosswalks, the $8 million for Safe Routes to School in the gas tax couldn’t come at a better time for Portland students.”

-Kari Schlosshauer, Southeast Portland parent, Campaign Co-Chair

Can we count on you to invite ten friends to like the Fix Our Streets Portland Page on Facebook?This grassroots campaign to invest in road maintenance and street safety needs citizens like yourself to help spread the word to counter Big Oil's money. 

Stay tuned for future opportunities to volunteer to help us win this campaign next month.

Aaron Brown
Campaign Manager, Fix Our Streets Portland