In Their Words: Mercury, Tribune, BikePortland support YES Vote to Fix Our Streets

Ballots are on their way, and Portland's newspapers are stepping forward to endorse a YES vote on Measure 26-173 to Fix Our Streets.

...Because proponents are right when they say it’s the best temporary, albeit partial, solution they can come up with while they work on a long-term, comprehensive plan to attack the billion-dollar backlog of road projects in the city.That’s not exactly something they can put on a bumper sticker, but it’s enough for us. It also should be enough for Portlanders who want to make their city safer and their roads more passable.

- Portland Tribune, Our Opinion: Portland gas tax a needed temporary fix

No, this gas tax is not a magic bullet for perfect Portland roads, and it will take more revenue sources to completely fix everything. But overall, it's worth it. We can't afford to remain stagnant on this issue and let our streets continue to crumble.

The longer we wait to act, the costlier it'll be to fix. Do the right thing and vote yes on Measure 26-173.

Portland Mercury, Shake Up the City

Yes, $62 per year for the average household is regressive. But $3,270 per year for the average household is far, far more regressive. There is only one path to escaping it, and that is to make Portland a better place to get around without a car.

A “yes” vote wouldn’t be a gift from Portlanders to their city government, which regularly makes mistakes and will continue to. If it passes, it will be up to Portlanders (all of us on BikePortland included) to collect on the promise of this vote by making all these projects as good and smart as they can possibly be.

But without a “yes” vote on this ballot, most of these projects and the others that would follow them simply will not happen for many years to come. 
A “yes” vote would be a gift from Portlanders to themselves. Let’s do this.

-BikePortland.orgOur opinion: Vote ‘yes’ on the gas tax