Oregon's Top Environmentalists Support Fix Our Streets Portland Campaign

Happy Earth Week, Portland! To celebrate the holiday, we've collected an assortment of quotes from Portland's top environmental, conservation and public health advocates who are supporting the Fix Our Streets Portland campaign. 

FOSP - Mary Peveto NCA.jpg

"In the last few months, Portlanders have made it clear: we need to do something about the quality of our air. We support the Fix Our Streets Portland campaign because it will help help reduce local air pollutants and will make it easier for Portlanders to safely walk, bike and take transit." - Mary Peveto, Executive Director of Neighbors for Clean Air.


“We’re supportive of a ten cent gas tax to build safer streets that give more Portlanders the opportunity to walk and bike their kids to school. OLCV is happy to join the broad coalition of Portland-based organizations in supporting efforts to make our community healthier, cleaner, and safer.” stated OLCV’s Executive Director, Doug Moore. 

“We believe strongly that Portland’s future depends on green transportation options to fight climate change. This gas tax provides a much needed incentive for Portlanders to bike, walk and take public transit while building the necessary infrastructure to make it happen. We encourage Portlanders to vote for clean air, healthy communities and low-carbon transportation options and support the Fix Our Streets campaign.” - Amira Streeter, Chair of the Columbia Network of the Sierra Club,

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“1000 Friends of Oregon supports the temporary gas tax because maintaining our existing infrastructure encourages smart, compact growth so Portlanders can get around town safely.  This gas tax is a good investment in Portland’s efforts to meet their sustainability, public health, and affordability goals, and we’re happy to see needed investment for biking and walking in East Portland” - Jason Miner, Executive Director of 1000 Friends of Oregon. 

“Portland’s proposed gas tax encourages more walking and biking, reduces consumption of fossil fuels, and builds sidewalks and crosswalks in the neighborhoods of Portland that need it most. These are important steps towards building healthier communities for all. We support the Fix Our Streets Portland campaign, and encourage Portland’s environmentalists and public health advocates to do the same.” - Mel Rader, Executive Director of Upstream Public Health

“By investing in safer streets, more East Portland residents can safely et to ervices as well as eighborhood destinations like Lents Portland Mercado where Depave has worked with esidents to create community greenspaces. We’re leased to endorse the temporary gas tax.” - Eric Rosewall, Executive Director of Depave

"So I can ride my bike on streets safely." Lucas, Chapman Elementary School


Why do you support the Fix Our Streets Portland campaign?