A coalition of small business owners, parents, and community advocates have joined to form the Fix Our Streets Portland campaign to support a temporary gas tax to fund road maintenance and safer streets. Last month, Portland’s City Council voted unanimously to refer a four year, ten cent gas tax to Portland voters to address the thirty years of deferred maintenance on our roads and the call to action from citizens asking for safer streets, and Fix Our Streets Portland supports a Yes vote on this initiative on Portlanders’ ballots this upcoming May.

The temporary ten-cent gas tax will raise revenue to fund $64 million of road repairs, street safety projects, and improvements to Safe Routes to School in neighborhoods across the City of Portland, prioritizing dangerous streets and worn-down roads that need it the most.

The campaign will be co-chaired by two community leaders: Tom Imeson, Vice President of Northwest Natural, and Kari Schlosshauer, a Southeast Portland parent of two and advocate for safer streets.

“I’m honored to co-chair the Fix Our Streets Portland campaign,” stated Imeson.  “Our economy depends on Portland’s robust transportation system, and this gas tax will provide the necessary funding to address the critical backlog of deferred maintenance projects and ensure Portland taxpayers aren’t on the hook for costly repairs in the future. This is a much needed opportunity to invest in our basic infrastructure, and I’m excited Portland voters will have the opportunity to affirm our support.”

Schlosshauer has been actively involved with advocacy for livable streets in the Pacific Northwest for years, and declared she was eager to continue expanding the broad base of support for Fix Our Streets Portland. "I'm eager to serve as the co-chair of the Fix Our Streets Portland campaign because as a mother of two children, I want my family to be able to safely walk and bike to school and work without fear that we won't get to the other side of the street. I'm thrilled this proposal would invest $8 million in Safe Routes to School in the neighborhoods where it's needed most, so every Portlander can walk their kids to school, regardless of which neighborhood they call home. This is our chance to stand up for safer streets for every family in Portland."

Orange Splot LLC, Red Castle Games, Upstream Public Health and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance have also endorsed May’s gas tax.

Portlanders can learn more about the initiative and endorse the campaign online at